Experimental post ….. check…..!

I am posting this just because , i wanted to do something different today than the rest…….


      Its been an awsome year for me after the tormenting two years in the neurosurgery dept , this year was a break for gen surgery , after which i have to be back in the gruelling neurosurgery dept, which i like so much that i miss the very feel of neurosurgery every minute… the start of the year was so exciting and had planned too many things enough to do in a lifetime , that was being overambitious like always i am… as the year passed through things got really slowed down , i could’n enjoy the thing of being so free, but still not doing worthy things enough, so started the disappointment ….


         Worth mentioning were the amazing trips i had through the most wonderful places with wonderful people, and to mention specially after meeting people in various fields , i was a bit self satisified , looking myself as better than their lives.. At present though my free enjoyin time is not yet over(3mths to go).. still i realize that there is not much left in it to feel special about…..

I hope for the best..


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