Heavy nights

These heavy continuously busy nights in the OT,  physically as well as mentally challenging.  Dealing with the shattered brain thinking something’s in it might still work and giving divine respect to the master controller of human body.  Escaping from the dirty world into the OT taking utmost responsibility,  the most satisfying act. Despite the new endeavours, seems to be masked by the excitement of handling a pulsating graceful brain. These late entries into casualties, scrubbing in alternate OT s,  hurrying for a rescue burrhole,  making cutting chai at 3am, fighting with anaesthetists and nurses for urgent cases, playing a temple run game in between cases to keep awake, nonsense chatting with assistants during surgery,  from Russia with love though the night, hilarious dancing steps through haemostasis, sing along Dr raj songs, hurrying through dinner in late nights in between cases, shifting patients alone,  cursing seniors for fast surgeries, lazy juniors shifting unprep patients. sinful deterioration late night and double OT,  demoralizing  shunt tracks, distressing OT lists, annoying number of trauma cases,  long never ending handovers, stiff hands at end of OT, cramping legs,
disturbing calls though sleep,

and people to meet during rest of the
time, morning show movies, sleepless days and ‘cannot sleep’ night duties,  nonsense questions, nonsense answers in preops.  wat to say bout my night duty,  it’s quite an experience…


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